False Excuses for Failing to Get Back Into Skiing


Don’t let cold feet prevent you from getting back to the slopes

After a summer, or even a few seasons away from the matchless thrill of skiing, there’s always a risk that the inertia of procrastination will set in and keep you from returning to the slopes and showing off your designer ski wear.

Have you ever found yourself worried about getting back into something you always enjoyed after a long absence? Have you ever told yourself you don’t have time this year, but next year you’ll definitely go back? (Repeat annually).

Life isn’t about earning the money to pay the bills so you can continue to earn the money to pay the bills. If you’re not making a point of consciously setting time aside to really live, then the everyday grind has a habit of taking over.

The beauty of a ski-holiday is that it combines you-time, healthy exercise, unrivaled exhilaration and a party atmosphere. It’s the ultimate way to live life the way you’re supposed to live it.

If you’ve ever caught yourself thinking the following, you may already be letting ski-procrastination set in.


I can’t afford it this year

A ski holiday needn’t be expensive. Book at less popular times or at resorts off the beaten track and you might be pleasantly surprised at just how affordable a ski holiday can be.


Ski equipment these days is so different to what I’m used to

It’s true, ski gear has changed massively as the years have gone by, but stop thinking of that as a bad thing. The changes have almost exclusively been for the better. Ski’s are lighter and more responsive, ski boots are more comfortable, outerwear is warmer yet less bulky and of course, ski thermals are better than ever.


My fitness has really suffered since I last went skiing

If you’ve ever been skiing, you’ll know that being fit makes for a better experience. If you’ve lost the impressive fitness you used to have, don’t let that dissuade you though, it’ll return almost as soon as you do. Many of us haven’t had much ski practice over the summer, so many will be in the same boat at the start of the season. Once you get started again, your ski fitness will pick up rapidly. You can even get in some extra gym time in beforehand, many gyms offer specific classes geared for ski fitness.

Avoiding skiing until you’re fit enough is like children not going to school until they’re smart enough!


Skiing’s for younger people than me

It’s a cliche, but age is but a number. In the 21st century, we’re not only living longer, but we’re also staying fit and active for longer too.  Ask 92-year-old Grandmother Patricia Savage if she’s now too old for skiing. You’ll have travel to the Perisher in Australia, where she skis every year and, of course, catch her first.


What’s preventing you from skiing?

If you think hard, you can probably think of dozens of reasons why you shouldn’t get back into skiing, but all you really need is one reason why you should.

The anticipation of the holiday, the freshness of the air, the beauty of the snow-laden vista’s, the camaraderie amongst fellow skiers, the stories you can tell and memories you’ll take away. Any one of these is enough to bring back our fondest ski memories and make us look forward to our triumphant return to the slopes. How about you?