Common Questions From First Time Skiers

First time skiers have many questions, should I try skiing or snowboarding? What thermals to take? Which are the best resorts? We have all the answers on our blog.

Many new skiers take to the slopes each year and in turn, there are huge varieties in questions we tend to see from beginners that cannot simply be answered with a yes or no. Therefore, for this reason we have collected some of the most popular questions and brought you the answers so you can keep well informed on your next ski getaway.

Should I Opt For Snowboarding or Skiing

Should I Opt For Snowboarding or Skiing

Snowboarding and skiing are in theory very similar to one another but in practise hold huge differences that make them very different sports indeed. Any ski instructor will tell you that skiing is easier learn but harder to master where as snowboarding is harder to learn but easier to master.

This means that if you want to get heavily involved in the sport and have a degree of patients then snowboarding is the best option as it allows you to be able to learn slowly at first before quickly reaching a very high level of skill. This level of skill will be able to allow you to get onto the jumps and parks very quickly and in turn you will find yourself being able to pull off even the hardest jumps and manoeuvres very quickly.

Whereas if you are only skiing for a weekend or so and might not return then skiing it always a good option as its quick to learn. Skiing is a great sport to learn if you are heading down runs at speed or simply want to be able to take on the smaller runs as it is simple and easy to learn the basics. However, the manoeuvring on skis’ is the hardest part and in turn, even the basic turning skills can take days to be able to master.

If you are a quick learner or simply away for a long period of time and this has not swayed you then you may want to make your decision based upon speed. Skiers can reach speeds that are a lot faster than snowboarders whilst also being able to jump higher and further. So if you are looking to reach the fastest possible speeds and get the highest possible air on the ramps then skiing is for you. However, going fast isn’t always for the best as if you head downhill a little slower you can maintain your adrenaline rush longer and be less likely to injure yourself in a fall. In turn if you are a more safety conscious person or simply want to be able to enjoy you are decent for longer than snowboarding could be for you. The decision again comes down to your preferences entirely.

What Is The Best Ski Resort to Travel To?

What Is The Best Ski Resort to Travel To?

Again, this is a question that relies entirely on your idea of an amazing ski holiday and what you love to do in your spare time. Every skiing region has its positives and negatives but it all comes down to having a preference to one specific resort and then heading out to similar ones to be able to enjoy yourself.

An example of this is that the majority of American and Canadian ski resorts tend to have a lot of snowboarders and be based on the concept of getting air when skiing. A wide variety of ramps and terrain parks seem to all over the backcountry and the slopes seem to be short in length. Therefore, if you are heading down slope to gain speed and simply want to have a relaxing experience then this might not be for you.

Whereas on the other side of the spectrum, the alpine ski resorts are more relaxed in terms of skiing and in turn you can head down the slopes very gracefully without the obstacles and ramps seeming to be just about everywhere on the pistes.

If you really are a beginner then you’ll want to head for one of the more popular European resorts as they tend to be where the best coaches and ski schools set up shop because of the heavy foot traffic. In turn, you will find many experienced skiers a swell as many novice skiers and everything in-between. Therefore, there is always going to be somebody with a similar skill level to you that you can share your experiences with.

Best Method of Staying Warm During Skiing?

Best Method of Staying Warm During Skiing?

The best method of staying warm in the ski season is simply the onion method. It may sound a little strange but this 3-layer system allows you to be able to keep an ideal temperature all day without becoming too hot or cold and in turn, you will stay very comfortable.

You should have your S’No Queen Thermals at the base of your outfit as your first port of call. Using these thermals for a base layer allows you to be able to ensure you do not get to hot or too cold throughout the day to their thermal nature and moisture wicking. It also ensures that you get a high level of movement due to their elasticised fabrics and comfortable wrapping fit that prevents movement restriction and keeps you comfortable.

Secondly, you should have a fleece on over your base layers to be able to protect you further from the cold. This fleece works as a middle layer for added protection on top of your base layers and means that if you remove your coat you can be protected from the weather elements. It is important not to have this fleece being too thick or baggy, as it will soon become too warm and uncomfortable. Therefore, you should always opt for a taped and thinner material fleece, for the highest level of comfort.

Finally, you will need to have a high quality skiing coat or jacket over the top to be able to prevent wind chill whilst also maintaining that final barrier of heat. This jacket should be reasonably padded for a huge level of insulation, do not worry about it being too thick as if you get to hot it is easily removed. You should also ensure that the coat or jacket is completely waterproof in case of a change in weather or the occasional gentle fall into the snow. The skiing coat should also have a wide variety of pockets within it to carry various parts of your inventory, as skiing with a rucksack or bag can be annoying and affect your balance so carrying things on your person is often the best solution.

Once you have three items you should be fine on the top half of your body and on your bottom half a pair of S’No Queen thermals should be enough, although if you feel the cold a little more than other people do then you can always wear ski pants over the top just for added protection.

How Much Are Good Ski's?

How Much Are Good Ski’s?

There are no such thing as good skis’ some skis excel in areas others don’t but the best pair of skis’ you can get all comes down to your preference on weight, angle width and a huge range of other factors. When all this comes together to be able to give you a set of ski’s you feel comfortable manoeuvring in, you’ll know you’re onto an amazing set of ski’s worth keeping and maintaining.

However, for a beginner you should not really be investing in expensive skis’ to keep long term. Your ski purchase should be after around 3-4 trips to a ski resort after you have had significant enough confidence and practise to be able to ski in confidence. After this number of trips you can be sure that you’ll more than likely end up taking to the slopes again and can invest in good ski’s that have an amazing fit and usability from your personal perspective. Until that point, you should hire a pair of skis’ from the resorts hire areas.

Should I Train Before My Holiday?

Training before your ski holiday is something many people do to able to take to the slopes and not become too tired or fatigued on the slopes.  Training will help improve your general level of cardio-fitness, stamina and strength. In our experience, nobody ever really regrets training for the slopes, as even if you do not need to train it never hurts to be able to get a little bit fitter and improve your health. At least this way you have some training behind you when you head out and less chance of being caught short by the physical strain of the sport.

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