Are You A Skier Or A Snowboarder?

Skiing or Snowboarding - S'No Queen

When you are booking a skiing retreat, apart from deciding what S’No Queen Thermals you are going to be wearing when you are on the slopes, another big question can be whether you will be taking a snowboard or a pair of skis along with you. Each of these carries their own benefits and you may be more talented on one then the other so it’s important to choose wisely if you want to make the most out of your skiing retreat.

Learning the Sport

If it is your first time on a skiing retreat and you still have to decide which mode of transport you will be using when you are heading down the slopes then it is always best to be able to know which would be the easiest to pick up and learn.


With skiing it’s a fairly naturally picked up sport, you’ll have one or two small falls and bumps but nothing painful that the snow doesn’t cushion, after a few gentle runs on a none steep slope you’ll be able to very easily get to grips with the sport and you’ll be fine. So long as you give it 100%, you should be able to master the basics within a couple of hours. Another key benefit to skiing is in how manoeuvrable skis can be, although snowboards are easier to turn in, a set of skis gives you more range and agility for sharper turns.


Snowboarding is completely different to skiing and for this reason it can sometimes be a lot harder to master for the newcomer, it could even mean you need to head to a domestic indoor slope before your holiday. With snowboarding putting restrictions on your feet it can feel very unnatural at first and in turn you will lose your balance and take a lot more falls than skiing. The good news is however that once you learn how to use a snowboard it is a lot easier to be able to handle, so you will have less mistakes when taking bends or heading down a run.

Speed and Tricks

If you are one to be taking to the slopes to be able to achieve high speeds and do a few tricks here and there then you are going to need to weigh up your style of skiing to be able to see which is for you.


When it comes to skiing you are going to be able to get a lot more speed and a lot more air, in fact the world record for speed on skis is 20% higher than a snowboard and when it comes to jumping the highest skis got a whole metre higher. Skis are even better at getting a longer distance on a jump with snowboards only ever reaching 56 metres distance and skis getting exactly double. This means that if you are looking for a method of heading down the slopes that is going to be able to get you a lot of air and speed for tricks in the air such as flips ect, or simply want to head over a few ramps, skiing is going to be perfect.


Snowboarding is the other option, it is a lot slower than skiing and you will get a lot less air, however you’ll have more stability if you’re going to be using things like ramps and stops to be doing tricks. At the same time, you will also have the extra-added bonus that if you were to take a fall you would not hurt yourself as badly, when you are on a snowboard your legs are locked in the correct position so there is less chance of broken legs or twisted ankles in comparison to if you were skiing.


With skiing and snowboarding, each of the sports has their own benefits and drawbacks. Having a good idea on what is included in each sport and how this will affect you could carry some sway your decision on which to choose.


If you are a skier then you will have to carry a lot more gear than a snowboarder does, things such as a helmet, poles, S’No Queen Thermals, shin pads and other protective gear can keep you weighed down, combined with heavier boots and your ski’s it can be a lot of weight to carry. This can get even more frustrating when it comes to travelling off the slopes back to your chalet or getting everything in a lift, however if you leave everything on and simply carry your skis and helmet you can usually manage reasonably.


Snowboarding, unlike skiing, requires a lot less gear so you’ll only need soft boots, S’No Queen Thermals and a board, also as you only have one board instead of two skis it can be a lot easier to manage when you’re off the slope and travelling around the resort. Snowboarding makes the lifts and stopping for dinner that little bit simpler and in turn can make the whole experience that little bit more enjoyable.

The Decision

As you can see, there is benefits and drawbacks to both skiing and snowboarding and it all comes down to personal preference, we would advice having a try of both for an hour or two before seeing which one you take to the most, then stick with that until you get better.

With the Snowboarding option you are going to get a slower experience with a little less manoeuvrability, however you are a lot less likely to receive an injury and you will be a lot less weighed down with equipment. On the other hand there is skiing, which is a lot faster, you’ll get a lot higher on the jumps, and you’ll have a higher level of stability. However, injuries can be very severe and you will have to carry a lot of gear, which will result in you being weighed down.

Remember that regardless of your decision you will always need to pack your S’No Queen Thermals for the best experience and to remain warm and comfortable on the slopes.