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New & Exclusive S'No Queen Designs

New and exclusive to S'No Queen for the 2021/2022 ski fashion season.

Check out what's new for the Winter 21 Ski season; we have new designs and collections to upgrade your winter wardrobe, look good and stay warm.

Stand out, on and off the slopes with our designer base layers in the newest styles and collections. Many of the New range is ONLY available at S'No Queen online and cannot be found in any of our partner stores.

The newest collections are a combination of classic best sellers in new colours or with a 'Twist'. We also have some completely new designs for the winter season.

Not just for Ski, our base layers are ideal for any outdoor activity, and for Spring Ski or slightly warmer climates these base layers act as fashion tops that are comfortable and warm as well as looking beautiful.

Whether you wear for horse riding, hiking, outdoor yoga, ski, and snowboarding, or even the school run. Update your wardrobe with the newest styles in base layers and athleisure.

All our base layers are made from a technical silk blend fabric that feels like a second skin and the lycra mix allows full range of movement. Keeping you warm without over heating on the slopes whilst these base layers and designer thermals are made for performance they are pretty enough for the autumn winter season as a fashionable top and of course the Apres Ski.