Faye Young

Faye Young is a winter travelling blogger who blogs about all things snow and travelling, her blog has become a focal point for inspiration for many people before they head to the slopes. In turn it was inevitable that she would want to review our product as she is into all things S’No.

Faye Young went on to review our thermals and give a very us amazing results. She speaks highly about how they do not lose their stretchy nature after a while like other thermals and how much she loves the colours and designs. She thinks people overlook thermals too often and really regret it while they are on the slopes as they really do the feel the cold. She even tells her followers to head over to the website and see the collections for themselves.

Faye Young - S'No Queen Press

Source: http://fayevyoung.com/2015/12/16/sno-queen-thermals/