Becky’s Boudoir

Becky’s Boudoir is a blog that focuses on high-end ladies fashion and underwear garments. It is primary focus being lingerie and loungewear. The blogger herself is a British; Yorkshire based blogger in her early thirties and blogs frequently.

Becky reviewed our range telling her users how the winter was enough to be able to seriously feel the chill this year without heading to the slopes and her S’No Queen thermals were a basic necessity. Last year she bought a Pink S’No queen Thermals outfit and they have been her favourite thermals ever since which is great news for us.

Becky mentioned that she is really looking forward to this seasons new colours and designs and highlighted the simple point that all the S’No Queen Thermals match flawlessly if they’re from the same colour collection as the shades always line up so any purple leggings and purple S’No Queen Thermal top would fit together flawlessly.

 Beckys Boudior - S'No Queen Blog