Ashley Louise James

Ashley Louise James is a fashion blogger who focuses on the more sophisticated face of fashion with her book reviews, bespoke fashion reviews and many lifestyle and beauty blogs. In turn, Ashley has become a massive blogger in her industry and a recognised source of information by many aspiring beauty artists and fashion conscious women.
Ashley Louise James gave us her take on S’No Queens Thermal Collection. She told the world about how she personally is not into skiing. However, she loves the thermals simply for their luxury aesthetics and comfort factors; with the added bonus that they can be worn as an outfit because of their luxurious and practical nature. The blog talks about how S’No Queen mixed essential clothing with thermal wear and in turn made it sexy.

She even went on to mention that S’No Queen layers were about more than just skiing and were also great for other exercises such as biking or simply just as an addition to your wardrobe before showcasing herself wearing the thermals.


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