Winter running – Don’t let the cold keep you indoors

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Put one foot in front of the other, whatever the weather

With dark nights and dropping temperatures, keeping up your regular running routine can feel more of a challenge in the winter. At a time when our bodies feel like hibernating, it can take a great feat of willpower to rise our from beds and go pound the pavement while there’s a chill in the air.

At S’No Queen, we’re in favour of all winter sports and winter running is no exception. Even if you’re only competing with how fast you were yesterday. Keep eating up the miles at even the coldest times of the year with our designer thermals.

Why run in the winter?

Running is terrific exercise all year round, but particularly so in the winter.  During the summer months, the body can be overstressed by heat and humidity, but during the winter, the cold makes it easier to run, even if sub-zero temperatures make it feel like the opposite is true!

Seasonal Affective Disorder or ‘SAD’ is something many of us suffer from, it’s responsible for our moods dropping with the temperatures, however, keeping active is a sure way to lift our spirits when the days become dark and help keep ‘SAD’ at bay. Maybe it’s a hangover from hibernation, maybe it’s just down to healthy habits feeling easier to break when it’s cold, but we tend to put on weight more easily during the winter, so it’s essential to keep up our routines, even when we don’t feel like it!

Keeping in shape is easier than getting in shape.

A healthy, all year round exercise routine is much more satisfying and much better for you than doing a ‘bikini body binge diet’ as the summer starts to get closer. Staying active throughout all the seasons is far better for you and once a habit of healthiness is formed, it’s easy to continue. Extreme diets and exercise plans at the last minute subject your body to harmful stress and also make a healthy lifestyle feel like punishment rather than the pleasure it truly is.

Thermal base layers – your secret weapon for winter running

At S’No Queen, we make technical thermals which are as functional as they are beautiful, but they’re not just for the mountains.  They’ll keep you warm at the start of your run, wick away perspiration once you’ve hit your stride and with a combination of sumptuous silk and hi-tech modal, will feel like a second skin while you face down the freeze. With a base layer of S’No Queen thermals, you needn’t fear the elements, whatever you’re doing.