Why Skiing is Good For You – The Health Benefits of Skiing

Why Skiing is Good For You - The Health Benefits of Skiing

We all have a reason to chase the snow. It might be for the escapism, it might be for the thrill of speed, it might be for the exhilaration, for the feeling of freedom, for the atmosphere, for the Apres, for mingling with the like-minded in your dazzling designer thermals, or a million other reasons, but one thing’s for certain, whatever your reason for taking to the mountain skiing is good for you, mind and body.


Why is Skiing Good for The Body?

Anyone who’s spent any time on the mountain will be well aware that skiing is an incredible workout. Much of the hard work in skiing is done with the largest muscle groups in your body. Skiing puts you in a semi-permanent squat for as long as your doing it, an exercise any gym goer will tell you is key to strong, well-sculpted legs and looking especially fabulous in your thermal leggings. Your legs aren’t the only part of you being worked hard, your core is constantly in action too as it works hard keeping you in the correct posture and making thousands of small adjustments to keep you balanced. All that cardiovascular activity and all that fresh clean air does wonders for your heart and lungs too.


While taking the occasional tumble with the risk of breaking something is a chance we all take, did you know that skiing actually makes your bones harder to break in the first place? Your body is an amazing machine, able to constantly adapt to the environment it’s working in. All the stresses and strains placed on your skeleton while skiing force your body, over time, to strengthen your bones and joints in response. The more you ski, the stronger they get and more you’re able to ski. It’ a virtuous circle and another reason why skiing is good for you.


Why is Skiing Good For the Mind?

Standing on the summit, with a glorious vista all around you, the sun shining, the sky blue and a glistening carpet of fresh powder beckoning. With all this around you and the descent about to begin, can you imagine feeling unhappy? Neither can we! Skiing is good for you when it comes to your mental wellbeing as well your physical wellbeing.

When you’re on the slopes, are you thinking about the emails at the office, the tax return and the myriad stresses and responsibilities you need to tackle back home? Of course not. Skiing is pure escapism, allowing you to completely step outside of your usual self and instead step back into being the real you. The strong, fearless and fierce Queen of the slopes.

Skiing is a sheer and utter joy while you’re doing it and also while your thinking of it, preparing for it, anticipating it and talking about it afterwards at the Apres. Skiing lifts the mood and promotes sheer happiness, it’s the reason we keep coming back time after time. Even when you leave the slopes, you carry some of that joy with you and it continues to make you happier back home too.


Get ready to be the best version of you

With the new ski season ahead of us and the prospect of skiing just around the corner, the excitement is building and we can almost taste the freshness of the mountain air.

For those of you who’ve been in the gym building up to your first ski trip of the new season, you’ll doubtless be ready to hit the piste hard. For others, you’ll be looking forward to bringing your ski legs out of hibernation, making the mountain your personal boot camp and secretly looking forward to the morning after your first day back on the slopes and that joyous soreness that reminds you you’re alive!

Get ready S’No Queens, the 2018/2019 Ski Season is upon us, prepare to look fabulous, in the shape of your life and in the latest winter fashion collections. Prepare to feel fabulous as only a ski holiday and the admiring looks from your peers can do and BE fabulous, because you are, always have been and always will be. Here’s to a happy healthy winter.