Staying Ski Fit in the off season

Staying Ski Fit in the off season

The Ski Season will soon be over – Stay In Shape for the next one

All good things come to an end and while the 2017/2018 ski season continues to deliver some wonderful experiences, it’ll soon be over and we’ll be left pining for the Alpine or looking further afield for our fix of snow during the summer months.

No doubt during the season this year, you’ll have taken the opportunity to ski your heart out on more pistes than you care to count and have had many memorable experiences. However, once you’re back home, without a slope to keep yourself in condition, staying ski fit becomes more of a challenge. How do you keep the legs of steel you’ve honed to perfection in your ski boots?


Make use of an indoor ski slope, perfect for staying ski fit

If you’re fortunate enough to have an indoor slope within easy reach, whether it’s a brush slope, conveyer belt style or even one with artificial snow, this is probably the best option to keep you in ski shape. You’ll also be able to make use of your S’No Queen sparkling thermals all year round rather than just in the winter!


Swap ski boots for trainers and hit the road.

The simplest way to maintain a skiers physique it to make good use of the enviable leg strength you’ve developed on the slopes and get yourself into a running habit. No doubt you’ll find yourself fully able to go further and faster than you’ve ever done before, so it’d be a pity not to keep this up.

It’s not summer yet though, so make use of your S’No Queen designer thermals to keep yourself warm on your runs. If your head’s feeling the chill without your ski helmet, then why not add a classic headband to your funky thermals and be the most stylish runner pounding the pavement!


Practice your pedal power

As well as maintaining your leg condition, cycling, particularly mountain biking helps maintain the lung capacity you’ll have developed on the mountains where the air is thinner. Additionally, trail cycling at a fair pace makes you use the same quick decisions, reflexes and awareness that you’ll have made use of during your Alpine ski runs. Not only will your body be staying ski fit, but your brain will too!


Dust off your gym membership

If you’ve not been to the gym of late, then why not use next years ski trips as your excuse to reacquaint yourself. If you have access to a personal trainer, you can ask for a regime which will keep your ski physique. If not, then burpees, jump lunges, planks and yoga classes will help you maintain the leg strength, core strength, dynamic power and flexibility which will serve you well next time you’re ready to book your winter ski trips.


However you go about staying ski fit, your future self will no doubt thank you for making the effort and keeping yourself in trim, so you can wear your S’No Queen thermals with confidence, hit the slopes with a vengeance and turn heads in the Apres right from the start of next winter’s season!

After putting in so much effort to stay in shape during the off season, surely you should reward yourself with a bit of shopping to help you show off your style as well as your carefully honed figure? As well as our forthcoming 2019 collections, check out our predictions for ski  fashion 2019 to make sure you pack your suitcase with the latest and most chic skiwear, all eyes will surely be on you next season!