What colours work best with your natural skin tone?

What colours work best with your natural skin tone?

Skin tone – which colours work best?

When it comes to the clothing we wear, it can be tempting to ‘play it safe’. The saying ‘everything goes with black’ isn’t one we’d argue with and judging by how popular our range of black designer thermals are, neither would you.

S’No Queens, however, are a decidedly daring sisterhood and not satisfied with conquering any mountain we please, we simply must turn some heads while we’re doing it. This means bold statements, pretty patterns and glittering sparkles too.

We know you’re spoilt for choice in our store, so to help you pick a colour that’ll help you look fabulous, we’ve had a look at which colours work well with whichever skin tone you happen to be blessed with.


You have a light skin tone

If your skin tone is on the paler side of fair, then colours from the cooler end of the spectrum are likely to suit you well, so from the S’No Queen range, Crystal pink and Khaki should suit you well. You could also pull off Midnight BluWine and the very Regal Purple. While you might be tempted to stick to black, you might find that these colours compliment your complexion much better.


Your skin has a more medium tone

If your skin is neither light nor dark, a complexion associated with Asians, Latinos and those of Mediterranean descent, warm colours will most likely suit you well. Pastel colours, light greens and whites are best avoided, however. You’ll certainly look wonderful in thermals from our Slate range, Midnight Blu and Wine will also look divine on you.


You have a dark complexion

If your skin is darker still, typically those of African or Indian heritage, then you’ll look perfectly lovely in our RED Red Range. Thermals in White or in Purple will also compliment you well. Light greens and too much black should probably be avoided.


A S’No Queen should wear what she pleases

While the guide above is intended to give you some ideas about experimenting with colours you might not have considered trying, we wouldn’t dream of telling a noble S’no Queen what she should or shouldn’t wear. A lady who conquers backcountry for breakfast and makes mincemeat of any mountain is a force to be reckoned with and she should wear whatever she chooses, whether that be winter fashion, or anything else!



Check out our online catalogue, make your selection and prepare to look utterly divine as you don your S’No Queen designer thermals.


Be brave, be bold, but most of all be yourselves – fabulous, fierce and free!


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