Tips for choosing the right ski gloves

Tips for choosing the right ski gloves

Get a grip with our ski glove guide

It’s cold on the slopes, so it’s essential you cover up to stay warm. Your S’No Queen designer thermals can only keep you body and limbs warm dry and comfortable, but your extremities will need additional protection from the elements. Your feet are safely locked away in your ski boots and your head protected by your helmet, but what of your hands? Check out our ski glove guide to pick the best protection for your precious pinkies, without sacrificing too much grip or dexterity.


Gloves or Mittens – Pick a style

Gloves provide a separate pocket for each finger and thumb, giving you the maximum possible dexterity while still keeping your whole hand covered. Mittens, on the other hand, don’t separate your fingers, just your thumb. In mittens you can make a fist and grip a pole etc, but not much else. Keeping your fingers huddled together does make much warmer than gloves. If your fingers get particularly cold, go for mittens, but if a higher degree of control is more important to you, then gloves might be a better option.


Make sure they’re warm enough, windproof and waterproof

Not all gloves are created equal. To be suitable for skiing, a glove must be waterproof – wet hands become cold hands much quicker than hands which are kept dry. Keeping the wet out is important, but so too is allowing sweat and condensation to get out. Gloves which perform in the same way as your S’No Queen thermals – wicking away moisture to keep you dry and comfortable are the ones to go for.

Windproofing is also an important factor, if cold air can pass through your gloves, it’ll steal all the warmth from your hands. Materials which are windproof, but still breathable are the ones to go for.

Lastly, make sure the insulation in the gloves you choose is up to the temperatures you’ll be experiencing. Better gloves will offer a high degree of thermal protection without adding too much bulk.


Extra features to watch out for

As well as keeping our hands warm, there are myriad extra features that glove manufacturers might add to their designs. Textured palms and fingers act in the same way as the tiny ridges (fingerprints) on your naked hand – they increase the surface area sn allow better grip in wet or slippy conditions.

Wrist loops/adjustable cuffs allow for the neck of the glove to be adjusted to fit your arm, keeping out the snow and making them harder to lose.

Goggle wipes and nose wipes do what you’d expect and some hi-tech gloves now come with battery-powered heating elements and touch screen liners so you can use your phone without removing them.


We don’t make gloves, but if we did…..

Those of you who’ve been skiing in S’No Queen Thermals will know that silk is part of the special fabric blend we make all our thermals from, Silk glove liners are great for adding a layer of additional protection against the cold and the wet without adding bulk, due to the thermal properties of this luxurious material. If S’No Queen were to create thermal gloves liners, what features would you like to see? We’d love to hear your ideas!