S’No Queen Thermals for Gym Wear

S'No Queen Thermals - gym wear

Did you know S’No Queen Designer Thermals are designed to be more to them than simply keeping base layers for the slopes. The versatile and comfortable fibres of the thermals make them perfect for a range of different sports and activities such as gym wear, lounge wear or simply wearing them as your casual clothing.

Are S’No Queen Thermals Made For the Gym?

S’No Queen Thermals are made up of a polyester and cotton blend meaning that they are flexible, lightweight and strong. This in turn makes them perfect for wearing when you are working out simply as they will not leave you weighed down or restrict your movement. S’No Queen Thermals also have a very thin nature meaning that if you wear to head over to the gym after work or after being out during the day that the S’No Queen Thermals won’t take up as much space in your bag as other clothing options.

Pro’s Of S’No Queen Thermals – Ideal Gym Wear?

S’No Queen thermals are a designer base layer that carry all of the benefits of base layers however with a more comfortable feeling with a luxury aesthetic. This means that they carry all of the benefits of both designer clothing and gym base layers.

Body Compression

S’No Queen Thermals have a very tight yet comfortable fit to be able to comfortably wrap your body in a stretchy soft fabric. This in turn stops lactic acid build-ups in your muscles through forcing the acid out of your muscles; this in then prevents cramp, muscle damage and sore muscles after workouts. The main reason this is amazing is simply that you can push yourself harder and faster before having to feel the aches of working out along with lowering the chances of muscle strain and injury.

Draws Out Moisture

Another benefit to S’No queen Thermals is that they have a moisture-pulling feature; this in turn stops the user sweating too much during their workout. The fabric its self has a high polyester blend, which draws out the sweat from the user’s body and in turn draws this to the surface of the material to dry faster. This in the end will prevent you getting hot and sweaty during your workout.

Ideal Temperate

One of the best thing about the thermals is that they keep you at a perfect temperature during your workout both in and out of the gym. If you are working out or on a run outdoors then it could be very cold outside, however the S’No Queen thermals are made of a thermal material to be able to heat you up to a comfortable temperature whilst you are working out. Then at the same time, the thermals have a temperature regulatory build to be able to cool you down if you are overheating through your sweat catching the wind and cooling the thermals down slightly, this then chills the fabric slightly and regulates the temperature.

In turn, when wearing S’No Queen Thermals outdoors, you will never be uncomfortably hot or uncomfortably cold.S'No Queen Gym Wear

If you are interested in S’No Queen Thermals, take a look through our entire range to be able to see what is perfect for you.