Ski Fashion Trends For 2019 – Ski Fashion Predictions

Ski Fashion Trends For 2019 - Ski Fashion Predictions

What Will Ski Fashion Look Like This Winter?

Ski Fashion trends for 2019 – Predictions at a glance

  • Hooded Parkas with retro 70’s styling will be making a comeback.
  • ‘Smartwool’ insulation, Leather detailing and faux fur accents will be in vogue.
  • Monochrome will be the dominant colour scheme, with blacks, whites and greys  (such as our S’No Flake Crewe Neck) featuring heavily.
  • Purples and Pinks, will play a more minor, contrasting role, as will reds and blues, as seen in our Electric Blu Ski Thermals.
  • Colourful Balaclava’s in chunky patterned knits are set to dominate
  • Hi-tech lightweight materials will feature heavily in new ski’s this winter
  • Wraparound Cylindrical Goggles will be making a return to ski fashion

Fashion, just like the seasons themselves, is forever changing. Ski Fashion is no different and even in the midst of summer, we’re getting eager to see all the new and exciting designer gear all our fabulous S’No Queens will be pairing with their designer ski thermals next season.

While we prepare to show you our own latest collections, the ultimate in Après ski fashion, we thought we’d have a look ahead to see what ski fashion trends for 2019 will be dominating the slopes this winter.



What are the ski jacket trends for Winter 2019?

Hooded parkas are back with a passion. Expect to see modern twist on this retro classic as modern hi-tech materials meet 70’s style head on.

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What materials will be fashionable in Winter 2019?

Smartwool – A hi-tech, yet sustainable insulating material which you’ll start to see providing the padding to your outer layers this winter.

Leather – Detailing and accents featuring leather, especially on outerwear.

Faux fur – Especially lining collars, cuffs and hoods.


What ski colours will be trending in Winter 2019?

They say black goes with everything and it seems S’No Queens agree. This year it looks like stylish monochrome will be very popular, with manufacturers opting for patterns and prints which mix black and white. Elsewhere we’re seeing flashes of pinks and purples along with subdued reds and blues to add a little colour to your skiing wardrobe.
Trending colours winter 2019


What will be this year’s hot ski fashion accessory?

According to Vogue Magazine, Balaclava’s will be back in a big way this winter and look set to be one of the biggest ski fashion trends for 2019. With many of the big fashion houses, Gucci and Calvin Klein in particular, making a showing on the catwalks with bright colours, bold patterns and chunky knits.

Hiding your face has never made you more conspicuous and we love the contradictory notion of making yourself markedly more noticeable while at the same time making it hard for you to be noticed.

You’ll want to wear one, but how will anyone know it was you doing the wearing?

Balaclava Winter Fashion Trend 2019

Photograph shown from the Italian Vogue Website


What new Ski Equipment will I see this winter?

Lighter, stronger materials are what we’re seeing from the ski manufacturers, so if you’re in the market to replace your skis this year, you’re likely in for a real treat with what’s going to be on offer.

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What’s the latest ski equipment trend?

Cylindrical wraparound goggles are going to be back in vogue this winter. With clever new features such as magnetically attached lenses, clever prism technologies and battery powered light filters to keep your vision clear as you carve up the fashion, ski accessories, goggles


Look Out For Our New Designer Thermals For Winter 2019

We’re looking forward to launching our latest collections which will be keeping you warm comfortable and stylish this winter. Whether on the slopes or off them, you can always rely on S’No Queen to bring you the very best in ski thermals you can’t help but show off.

Keep your eyes peeled for the latest designer ski thermals from S’No Queen and don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter to keep yourself up to date on our latest collections of Thermals You Want to Be Seen In.

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