Newest fashion trends for the 2018 Ski Season

s'no queen 2018 fashion collage

2018 Ski Fashion trends fit for a S’No Queen

While you’ll never go wrong with the fashionable and technical base layers from S’No Queen, you can’t go skiing in just your designer thermals. As much as you’d like to.

We’re really excited by what the other top ski brands are offering in outerwear this season. There are plenty of stylish options for you instinctively fashionable S’No Queens to pore over. No doubt your instinct for fashion, your keen sense of taste and your demand for nothing less than the best will lead to some truly magnificent combinations. We can’t wait to see the outfits you assemble.


Hitting the slopes? You’ll need a crown!

You need to keep your head warm, protect your eyes and have some impact protection should the worst happen. Quality headgear is a must when hitting the slopes – the wise S’No Queen knows that sometimes the slopes hit back.

This season, we’ve spotted that helmets with integrated visors are flying off the shelves and with good reason. If you’ve ever bought a helmet and goggles as separates, you’ll know it can be a little trying to get a good fit between the two without leaving a gap in between. Visor helmets, however, eliminate this issue entirely and are not only easy to wear but look head turningly fabulous with their sleek silhouettes.

We’re all about form meeting function, so we were very interested to spot some all in one helmets incorporating diamantes and even Swarovski crystals into the design. Clearly, the ski industry is taking note and following our lead.


Super ski pants

We’re seeing a lot of bibs around this season and what’s not to like? With a high waist and braces, they’ll keep the snow out on the slopes, your back dry in the back-country and look wonderful while worn off the shoulder in the Après-ski. Pair them up with S’No Queen thermals for a fashionable look that’s sure to make you the centre of attention.


Fabulous Jackets

The 2018 season is revealing some wonderfully flattering quilted designs, fishtails and modern takes on the classic parka jacket. Never fear S’No Queens, you won’t be spotting any trains in these anoraks, just your entourage.


Amazing mittens

Just when you think you’ve seen everything that can be done with a pair of gloves, the clever ski brands keep coming up with ways to keep your fingers away from the frost. Keep an eye out for hi-tech battery powered hand heaters and even gloves you can use to operate your smartphone. No longer is there a need to risk chilly fingers while you snap that selfie!


Popular Colours for the coming season

Looking at the offerings from the leading ski brands this season, there seems to be a lean towards the classic monochromatic, with plenty of whites, blacks and greys in between. After all, who doesn’t look great in black? We’ve added the fearlessly bold RED red to our own range this season and the understated yet elegant Khaki too. Also popular elsewhere are various shades of blue and warm salmon pink, which makes a wonderful contrast to our fabulously feminine Crystal Pink range.


Every grand structure needs a strong foundation and your ski outfit is no exception. Build from an exceptional base by making sure your pack your S’No Queen designer thermals and make every layer as stylish as it is warm. Fashion knows no limits and neither do S’No Queens, we’ll help you make a big splash on the slopes!

UPDATED – to check out the latest Ski fashion trends for 2019 we have written a blog post