Is Athleisure the Next Big Thing In Fashion?

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With the athleisure movement becoming more and more prominent, it is becoming evident that it is the next big thing on the face of fashion. More so with other alternatives such as jeans becoming more expensive and not being able to boast the higher levels of comfort, it is down to the athleisure trend to take the forefront of fashion and give people comfort and smart attire.

However, what exactly is “Athleisure” and why are more and more people falling in love with the ideology behind the trend?

What Is Athleisure?

Athleisure its self combines trendy and stylish attire with an intensive comfort factor so you can carry both a classy aesthetic and a comfortable nature when you are out in the public. This means that you can head out for coffee with friends or a meal in your casual comfortable attire that you would have previously wore around the house or to the gym; yet nobody will even batter an eyelid.

Athleisure its self is put simply as a type of gym wear that has been specifically designed to be socially acceptable to wear in public. The material its self is more often than not a wool or cotton blend, however the more glamour-focused brands tend to focus on a Poly-Cotton blends to enable the user to have a wide range of benefits such as moisture wicking and a tighter more comfortable fit.

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Why Has Athleisure Become So Popular?

Athleisure has seen a huge increase in popularity for a number of reasons. However, the main reason for athleisure’s popularity is simply its ethos and aesthetic. The whole ideology behind athleisure is simply that you can look glamorous, be comfortable and still be socially acceptable for just about any occasion; when you look at it from that point of view there is not realistically a down side.

Not to mention that social status that this trend has been maintaining, with huge Hollywood A-List celebrities all making the most of it and being seen across the globe in their athleisure wear.

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Why Should I Wear Athleisure Pieces?

With Athleisure having such a high social status and a wide range of benefits such as this, there is little reason not to follow the trend and wear athleisure. We all know that feeling of comfort we all have when it comes to wearing leggings instead of jeans, well athleisure bridges this gap by adding the social acceptance of jeans to your run of the mill leggings; in turn making the whole outfit both unbelievable comfortable with the added benefit of it fitting into any social scene.

When you consider the fact that the comfort of leggings could be all over your body, cooling and heating you to the correct temperature and being socially accepted around the world. It seems like an obvious choice to be opting for.

Where Can I Get Mine?

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