How to Pull Off an Athleisure Outfit

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When it comes to pulling off the perfect Athleisure outfit, it can be new ground for some people. It is true that once you have pulled it off once it becomes very simple, but that first step can sometimes be tricky. Therefore, here are four tips to try when trying to pull off an athleisure outfit.


Tip One – Picking Your Accessories

With athleisure, the very small touches change it from a gym outfit to a socially acceptable glamorous fashion statement. It can all come down to small things (such as your choice in jacket, whether you even wear a jacket, an over shirt or even a shirt around the waist) that determine how well you pull the athleisure trend off.

Try looking online at other people’s styles and seeing what you think looks nice, this inspiration can greatly aid you in finding the perfect outfit and once you have the basics locked in, everything is so much easier.


Tip Two – Selecting Your Shoes

Picking the right shoes is also a big risk. Getting this wrong could take away some of the aesthetics of the outfit or simply ruin it all together, so getting the balance right between fashionable and casual is important.

If you are in a city or metropolitan area, always try to avoid worn shoes or that seem like they could take a beating, for example walking boots or old trainers. These simply will not work out, instead opt for some ankle boots or a pair of new trainers to be able to complete your look and sure it keeps its glamorous appeal.

However, if you need to wear walking boots or old trainers, for example if you are in an area of woodland or out in the countryside, then you should be able to get away with them in the right environment.


Tip Three – Shortage In Pockets

Usually on this sort of clothing, there are little or no pockets so you may need to wear a small cardigan or carry a bag with you to be able to hold your things, however for a wide range of us this is nothing new and something we do with most dress’ and outfits.

If you are concerned about what bag to wear then just opt for the cardigan idea and try to match the colours with the heat of your outfit colour. For example, a blue, a purple or a black cardigan would be fine on an athleisure outfit comprised of cold colours.


Tip Four – Think About Timing

Wearing your athleisure wear can be a simple task; however getting it right for the right environment can sometimes be tricky. The best way to master this is to think pretty much any matching colour combinations go in the day; then white, grey and black in the night. If you use that as a general rule of thumb then you should be on the right tracks to pull of the athleisure outfit perfectly.

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