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Monthly Archives: November 2015

  • S'No Queens Black Friday Thermal Wear Sale
    S'no Queen is celebrating Black Friday by giving a massive 15% off all our products on the site!
  • Ashley Louise James
    Ashley Louise James is a fashion blogger who focuses on the more sophisticated face of fashion with her book reviews, bespoke fashion reviews and many lifestyle and beauty blogs
  • VIP Event with Altimus
    We have an exclusive VIP event with Altimus in London and Siberian Chic on the 11th December 2015. The last event this year for S'No Queen will be held at Altimus, Kensington High St,
  • The Best Ski Resorts for What You Love The Most
    We all love skiing and relaxing in front of the fire after a long day on the slopes. However, it is the different reasons as to why we like skiing that makes it popular. We like it for the beauty of the landscape to the adrenaline of the downhill plunge or even simply for the luxurious nature and surroundings of the resorts. Here is the best ski resorts you can visit tailored to you:
  • Brave Ski Mom
    Brave Ski Mom is a blogger who is USA based who specialises in writing blogs for all things ski and snow related.
  • S'no Queen at SnoZone for Charity Event
    S’no Queen are collaborating with other ski and snowboarding brands to raise money for Sense, the charity for deafblind people.
  • Fig Leaves
    Fig Leaves are an underwear store that has an extensive blogging site connected to it.
  • Travel in style on a Train fit for a S'no Queen
    Every year ski season comes around and we all want to just leave it all behind and flock to the Alps. However, it always seems as though we have to endure long journeys with so many things going wrong and it all seems like a lot of hassle. However, is there a hassle free alternative to flying? We believe so and have put together five reasons why getting the train to the Alps may workout better for you this ski season.
  • How to Get Started Skiing
    We know that skiing is a sport that is not exactly widely available to the masses and that nobody becomes a pro over night. However, when you are there in the moment, looking down the slopes at the world below your skis; everything falls into place and it really is not that hard at all. Here are the main things you need to work on if you are going to become one with the slopes.
  • S’No Bombing!
    When Lilah Parsons, MTV presenter, former Chanel model and just generally cool person, stepped out at Mayrhofen’s Snowbombing festival last week all eyes were on what she was wearing. This is Snowbombing. It’s the festival where people stay up all night dancing crazy and drinking copious amounts of Jaeger to the world’s biggest DJS, but are then on the slopes three hours later shredding to their heart’s content. And when it’s too dark to ski or board, it is back up the lift to hit the music venues located at 2000m, and consequently in sub-zero temperatures.

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